10oz Gallberry Honey Comb in Box  **signature item**

This is as PURE as it gets.  These honey comb cassettes are cut directly from the hive, never processed.  Each honey comb is unique to the hive it originated from.  This most delicate form of honey is best enjoyed by itself or pair it with a fruit or cheese tray. Our perfect location also allows us to produce a specialty variety known as comb honey which is the purest and rawest type of honey available.  The comb is cut directly from the bee hive in its original state and shipped straight to you either in cassette boxes or surrounded by liquid honey in a jar.  This specialty honey is also only produced in these ideal locations in South Georgia and North Florida.  No where else in the entire world is this honey made.  However, it is shipped all over the world because of its rarity and taste.

10oz Gallberry Honey Comb in Box **signature item**

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